#stayathome These projects we can tackle at home now finally

The measures, to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus to flatten out, forcing the people to be creative.

Netflix replaced the cosy afternoon in the cinema, the Park or in the Bar and the aisle in the supermarket turns out to be the most exciting activity of the week – this Time there is probably toilet paper?

Now, who can work in a home office, you can at least use half a day (more or less) useful.

Beautiful jobs at home

But if there are no activities except for solitary walks and one has already come across with any friend virtually via Skype, a to and to the boredom.

What you should do because only with so much free time? In the apartment, without friends.

Fortunately, there are a number of beautiful and useful occupations, which do not distract a from the daily Corona-case numbers, but you can be happy later even really.

Here are the eight best jobs during the Corona-lock downs to come.

1. Try new recipes

After the 9-to-5 Job, it needs to go in the kitchen, often quickly. New and elaborate recipes to be pushed on the weekend and then forgot about it.

Anyone who gets in his supermarket of trust currently, the majority of the ingredients, can dare to so far unfamiliar recipes and ingredients.

How would it be with self-produced Granola on the Basis of oatmeal? Easy made and in each case, to the personal tastes.

In addition, you can follow a recipe and Essweisen cars, which were not previously present may be present on the dining plan

Sound like a vegan Soba noodles with sesame tofu and Pak Choi? Well? Then directly the recipe a try.

Soba noodles with sesame tofu

2. Food fermentation

Kimchi, Kombucha or maybe Sauerkraut? The list of fermented foods is a long one. The health benefits and good nutritional values, but even longer.

Of course, there are these foods to buy all of them in the supermarket. It’s best to prepare them but himself – “homemade” taste it much better.

Normally have between the Job, the Gym, Meet with friends, but only the least amount of time, the process of Fermentation to deal.

Therefore, the current time can be used ideally to the nutrient bombs themselves. It also needs not much at all:

  • A closable glass container, and the ingredients (may be a fungus that you put by Hand). Then it can start already. A manual, for example, on the Food Blog “eat this”.

3. Home Workouts

A final Germany-wide curfew, there is not yet – walks or Bicycle tours are allowed.

For those who come in everyday but regularly to the gym to lift heavy Weights, will give with a bit of Cardio in the fresh air, hardly satisfied.

Fortunately, there are a number of Fitness Influencers such as Pamela Mature, Whitney Simmons and Maddie Lymburner, producing regularly new Home Content.

Also on the Youtube channel, FIT FOR FUN you can find great Workouts for your own four walls.

How would it be, for example, with the challenging Plank Challenge with LeaLight?

4. Sort and clear out

No matter whether the spices in the cupboard, the books on the shelf or the entire closet – somewhere in the happy home a little bit, the Chaos is certainly.

Why not clean up now and sort out what is no longer needed? For fabrics and items, there are dozens of Websites where you can make its treasures even to money.

Or better: clothing that is still in good shape, to charities donations. The Caritas, the German Red cross or the organization Save the Children are just a few of the organizations that need donations.

It is best to be sorted with the question: “Have I worn this piece of clothing within the last year?” The answer is “no”, the way it is.

5. Crafts or artistically creative

DIY (Do It Yourself) was already before the time of the Corona is very popular. No matter whether self-made soap, unique coasters or beautiful Makramees – let off steam creatively, makes the time pass quickly and enjoyable for you.

Makramees you can make with the different knotting techniques and all sorts of decoration for the apartment to recover.

Tapestries, knot art for the keychain, or even plant hangers look great and are not at all as complicated as it appears at first glance.

On YouTube and Pinterest, there are a variety of Tutorials, with which help it is possible to the Kotenknüpfen quite easy to teach yourself.

Who has not just happened to be the necessary craft materials available, and now also can not provide, of course, can also resort to other artistic activities.

It can be surprising how much you can lose yourself in relaxing activities such as Drawing or Mandala-end Paint.

6. The most thorough spring cleaning at all

Every year, the Windows have to be cleaned at the beginning of spring to a high gloss and the top of the shelves and thoroughly dusted.

Now that time is present in Excess, may be the already thorough spring cleaning a little bigger.

In addition to window cleaning, by wiping and Dusting can also be polished is equal to, where appropriate, at some point, soaked and painted over.

After being swept like a whirlwind through the apartment, shines not only like new, it has exhausted under warranty pretty in the process – who needs the Gym?

7. Something (to) learning

Finally, play an Instrument, learn Spanish, or the three books read that you ordered weeks ago.

The time gained can be used very useful, in order to broaden the personal horizon and may discover previously unknown talents.

Would it not be nice to discover, during this time, a whole new Hobby and to pursue it later?

8. Finally time for mindfulness and Reflection

If all of these activities help to nothing and the hours seem overwhelming, it is perhaps time, even yet more – but selectively – with to occupy themselves.

When, if not now is a good time for more mindfulness? For themselves, their health, their family and friends, and the environment.

Mindfulness exercises such as Yoga or meditation can help to focus on the Good in the world, and to reduce the internal Stress.

According to the Motto: If you can’t go outside, go inside.

Cornelia Bertram

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