Sports Professor: This nutrient improves performance and strengthens muscles

Creatine is supposed to increase performance, strengthen muscles and, therefore, will be able to help diseases such as Diabetes and prevent osteoporosis. FOCUS Online asked a sports scientist, on how creatine works, and why vegetarians and seniors benefit from this, why creatine is not Doping, and the right dosage is so important.

It comes to sports performance, to creatine as a dietary Supplement to be, so to speak, all the rage. Especially athletes in Fitness and power sport creatine powder to use. However, creatine is much more than a muscle booster, it can even support Anti-Aging.

Muscles work like an Organ

Jürgen Gießing, Director of the Institute for sports science at the University of Koblenz-Landau, answered the most important questions of this substance. The sports scientists researching the health effects of intact, strong muscles. Because muscles do not work only as a Motor but as a body and metabolism are active.

“In the investigation of these relationships, and ask how I can get the muscle and build, I came years ago necessarily to the substance creatine, and occupied myself intensively with it,” says the Professor, has summarized his findings in a book and published.

FOCUS Online: creatine is especially true among strength athletes, but also marathon runners as the best natural substance for increasing performance, muscle building and Regeneration. How many of the pros are probably using creatine?

Jürgen Gießing: In certain sports actually takes almost every performance athlete creatine about a shot putter or Sprinter. Because stuffed creatine storage and phosphate in the muscles, the maximum power is several percent.

How much the mind depends on the sports. For strength and power sports creatine brings a significant increase in performance, such as in sprint sports such as football , rowing, muscle training. In sports such as Marathon or Triathlon creatine is valued because it increases the regeneration ability.

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Without creatine, the person can’t exist

FOCUS Online: What is creatine and is the substance essential for life?

Jürgen Gießing: creatine is the man on the one hand, on the other hand, he takes it through a food of lean meat (meat and fish) to be. Without creatine, the person can not exist. Creatine is stored in muscle as creatine phosphate. Without creatine phosphate muscle cells are not able to work. Because the body can produce itself, it was thought earlier, creatine is not an essential nutrient. Today, we know that our bodies can store much more creatine than he produces. This makes creatine a very special fabric.

FOCUS Online: Why is the so special about creatine?

Jürgen Gießing: The body only produces so much of it to its normal metabolic processes up and Running to keep up. A creatine deficiency with a striking performance reduction occurs in healthy people, so never. We are increasing our creatine intake, it will increase our efficiency because our muscles can absorb more creatine, and save our body from forming.

This makes creatine a real exception compared to other (nutritional)substances. An increase in performance, there are other nutrients only when a defect has occurred, such as a lack of Vitamin D in the case of a night worker, because without sunlight, no Vitamin D. he then Takes Vitamin D as a capsule, he feels a significant improvement – he can concentrate better, is more powerful, the immune system is stronger. This effect occurs but it is only because previously, a defect existed, which has led to a power reduction.

Increased performance through creatine

FOCUS Online: so There is actually no creatine deficiency – however, by longer creatine supply can increase performance?

Jürgen Gießing: the Same is it. If the creatine phosphate level is increased in the muscle cells, can provide the muscles a higher level of performance. Depending on the requirement profile, the increase in performance can be in the two digit percentage range, as recent studies show. This is not only for athletes, but for all the interesting, interested in increased efficiency.

FOCUS Online: creatine acts as a performance-enhancing and anabolic, are many studies. What is the basis for this effect?

Jürgen Gießing: Because the presence of creatine phosphate in muscle contractions possible, leads to a filling of the creatine storage to more strength and muscle mass as well as strength endurance.

FOCUS Online: Nevertheless is creatine is not a Doping agent?

Jürgen Gießing: creatine is not a Doping agent but a natural substance that our body produces, and the food can be absorbed. An increased intake fills the creatine phosphate storage, and thereby leads to an increase in performance. For the high-performance athlete, this increase in performance can be crucial. If, for example, the Sprinter runs a fraction of a second faster, or the shot putter two inches more thrusts, this can mean Gold instead of silver. Therefore, it was discussed earlier whether it should be banned in competitive sports. Because creatine is a natural substance found in numerous foods and to compare in any way with a drug, was rejected, the possible classification as a doping center quickly as nonsensical.

FOCUS Online: what about side effects?

Jürgen Gießing: There are no side effects, as long as it is the natural dose to take. Earlier, it was common to take 20 grams of creatine over several days too – it was clearly overdosed. Gastro-intestinal problems including.

It depends on the dosage

FOCUS Online: what is a reasonable dosage?

Jürgen Gießing: The can may be slightly different, depending on individual circumstances. Who much eat meat, comes with one gram or less per day, other are approximately three grams of recommended that, as the EFSA does, the European food safety authority. Very muscular athletes take up to five grams per day. Because the more muscles you have, the greater creatine memory and the more it takes to fill this memory. To do this, you should deal with the subject in order to find the correct dosage. The Motto “the more, the better” is definitely out of place.

FOCUS Online: Who should use creatine to take, Vegans and vegetarians should, of course, is actually too little creatine have?

Jürgen Gießing: I would like to stress again that it is in healthy people, no creatine deficiency exist, not even for vegans and vegetarians, but not more than a lower levels of Creatine in the muscle cells optimal would be. Some people – but this is an extremely rare disease – can produce no creatine, you will then need to take creatine as a drug.

For vegetarians and Vegans, however, phosphate is less creatine in their Store. There’s a lot of air, so to speak, still to the top. Therefore, this population benefits from taking a group of a Creatine. By the way, creatine powder is not made of flesh, but will not be produced synthetically, contradict, therefore, the meat-free diet principle.

Anti-aging resources for senior citizens

FOCUS Online: creatine is useful for increasing performance for physically Active people and people who become vegan or vegetarian diet. In addition, creatine is advertised as an Anti-aging agent, a very different Chapter. What is this promise?

Jürgen Gießing: for seniors is creatine helpful to have strong muscles to keep. Because there is some muscle loss in the age-normal, but does not matter. In the meantime, we know that certain diseases are on the increase, when the muscle mass decreases. Best example is type II Diabetes. Our muscles are our largest sugar storage. The less muscle I have, the more sugar from food remains in the blood, the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas must produce more Insulin, the risk for insulin resistance and type II Diabetes, the so-called adult-onset diabetes, is increasing. Positively The Best words to diseases such as Diabetes, but also prevent osteoporosis, muscle training and Muscle maintenance.

Therefore, people should not exercise 30, only your endurance, but also target muscle building. Creatine can assist in this process. It can’t grow muscles, but it enhances the positive effects of muscle training. Without Training, the effect of creatine fizzles out almost completely – this is true not only in this age group, but for each, the feeding of creatine through food or as a Supplement.

FOCUS Online: the Form In which creatine is particularly well utilized by the body: food or supplements?

Jürgen Gießing: Biochemically, it is for the body completely regardless of whether I’m eating Steak or creatine in the Form of a food Supplement take. So there is no reason for a vegetarian to force yourself out of alleged health reasons, but to eat a piece of meat. Synthetic creatine, he is just as properly. Those who opt for a Supplement, should pay attention to the quality. Compared with other supplements, creatine is extremely inexpensive, also you only need very small doses, so that there is no reason to skimp on the quality.

FOCUS Online: What quality means in the case of creatine? What should I look for?

Jürgen Gießing: The best researched is the creatine monohydrate. Other, more expensive forms offer no advantage over the simple monohydrate. It is utilized by the body as well as the creatine from the Steak. The decisive factor is the quality is the same in both cases. Who needs his creatine through the consumption of meat covers, should be more access to Meat than meat from conventional mass production. The Same is true for creatine supplements. Here, too, the quality and purity of big differences. Who would like to take creatine as a dietary Supplement, you should rely on a product that, in Germany, was established. German creatine is regarded worldwide as the gold standard, because it meets all the required quality standards and is regularly tested. In the case of creatine from other sources is not always guaranteed.

FOCUS Online: How would you, the possible Benefit of creatine summarize?

Jürgen Gießing: in summary, one can say that a filling of the muscular creatine storage offers numerous benefits for physical performance and Regeneration after physical exertion. There are even first indications that it can support cognitive processes. However, it is not a miracle cure, it takes just and then sit back and have a miraculous effect waiting. Its actual effect is the creatine develops by supporting the positive effects of regular training and enhanced.


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