So fructose is found to be intolerance

Bloating, stool changes, and stomach ache: These symptoms are so nonspecific that you can have a variety of causes. In some people the cause is that your intestine is unable to process certain ingredients from their diet is sufficient.

One of these incompatibilities can be fruit sugar, i.e. fructose. Note: fructose is not only in fruit but also in many other foods for example Apples, honey, maple syrup, beer, and even in sweets.

The small intestine, fructose can be metabolized completely

“When people are fructose intolerant, this is not a classic Allergy,” says Professor Dr. Thomas Frieling. He is an Internist, gastroenterologist and Director of Medical clinic II at the Helios Klinikum Krefeld. In the case of fructose intolerance, the body reacts with the immune system to the fruit sugar.

Instead, the small intestine is not able to do that, the fructose from the food to fully absorb. Therefore, some of these molecules reach the colon, the is not designed for this but even. There, bacteria break down the fruit sugar then. “It comes to the typical symptoms,” says Frieling. At the time of conversion, in particular gases, the comment press as a nuisance, flatulence and Abdominal arise. (What helps against flatulence, read here.)

The reason is that certain transporters are defective

Actually, there is in the body, certain vans, which ensure that the fruit sugar finds its way from the small intestine into the blood or in the liver and not the colon ends up. In the case of a fructose-intolerance, some of these transporters are damaged, but, so that you can fulfill your task.

This also explains why the threshold of how much fructose you can tolerate, is pronounced in the case of each person is different – it depends on how many of these vans are available. Large amounts of fructose overwhelm even an otherwise healthy transportation system: As a rule of thumb, a healthy person can tolerate a rule, 35 to 50 grams of fructose without developing symptoms.

The incompatibility is determined by a breath test

If someone has intolerance a fructose, it sometimes takes until the cause of his complaints is known. “The symptoms are very nonspecific, therefore one must think in quite different directions,” says Frieling. “An indication of an intolerance for me it is always, when people report that they feel better, when you insert a Teetag and do not eat.”

A fructose intolerance is a breath test to determine. The patient to drink about 25 grams of dissolved fructose. Thereafter, it is measured approximately two hours, every half hour, how high the hydrogen content in your breath. The Background is that hydrogen and methane are produced when bacteria break down the fruit, the sugar is moved into the colon. These gases, also via the blood and lungs from the body.

Who do not tolerate fructose, may also consider, in a sorbitol intolerance test. Sorbitol is a sugar substitute that is found in many foods and an intolerance is often combined with a fructose intolerance. (Also interesting: fructose, you should not eat before the Jog.)

Many of the Affected tolerated continue fruit sugar in small amounts

If the breath test confirmed an intolerance to fruit sugar, this does not mean, however, that you can now never take back fruit sugar. “The threshold is different for each individual,” says Frieling. “I have made the experience that a lot of people tolerate, nevertheless, fruit sugar if you only take a small amount and this slowly.”

One should be careful in this case with foods that contain a lot of fruit sugar. This includes fruits such as Apples and pears, grapes, mangoes and also dried fruits. Fruit juices such as Apple juice also contain a lot of fructose. In addition, sugar from grape sugar and fruit sugar, is composed – that is why most of the sweets are rich in fructose.

The impact again and again to test

Fruits such as bananas, apricots and most Berries-tolerated by people with a fructose intolerance, however, mostly quite good. It can also help to eat fruits pure, but to combine it with a meal.

As a rule of thumb that Compatibilities are pronounced individually: In the case of fructose intolerance, always, that the persons Concerned are allowed to eat what you can tolerate. In some cases, it is also possible that the intestine recovers after some time. Therefore, you should not be afraid to always check once again whether it still responds with bloating or a stomach ache with certain foods. (A delicious healthy Pancake recipe for fructose intolerance can be found here.)

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