Protection from UV radiation: The correct hair care in summer

Not without UV-protection for the skin in the summer midday sun: the knows every child. What you don’t know but even many adults: the hair needs in the summer, special care and protection from the sun. Otherwise it will be brittle and dull.

“UV rays, chlorine or salt water, but also heat, ensure that hair is in the summer, are often exposed to great hardships”, explains Roberto Laraia, Art-Director of the Central Association of the German hairdressing craft in Cologne, Germany.

In the worst case, hair loss can threaten

This ensures that your hair be dry and brittle and lose their luster, whiteness of the hair expert. There are especially a statement: “The lipids of the hair are not lost,” says Laraia.

Lipids are fatty substances that occur both in the skin and in the hair. In the hair, they connect the individual layers as a kind of glue.

But that’s not all: “In the case of stressed hair, the so-called telogen phase, the resting phase, the hair not growing is accelerating,” continues Laraia.

In the worst case, it can get through the lipid deficiency and the acceleration of the telogen phase to hair loss.

Hair with a head covering to protect

This issue of the Berlin Star hairdresser Udo Walz knows. “Therefore, you should protect the hair during the summer also.” And even if it is only in the city, says the Star-hair.

His tip: “A Baseball Cap helps to minimize the hair damage.” This is also true for the classic straw hat or the Turban.

For a head covering in the sun’s rays also dieKölner Dermatologist Uta argues castle Berger. Because the sun’s radiation, but also sweating is not only to create the hair but also the scalp.

The result can be an annoying itching. In addition, the skin doctor at hair care in the summer is recommended, if possible, to products, without fragrance and preservatives. “Both can irritated skin of the head in addition to strain.”

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Salt water and UV rays irritate the hair

Particular strain is exposed to the hair in the holiday by the sea. Salt water and UV rays irritate it, deeply effective care is the A and O. already as a preventive measure to protect his hair.

Here, too, Walz has a practical tip: The hair up or bind together. “The reduced the radiation, which enters the hair.”

Spiral braid rubber are especially gentle to the hair and can reduce hair breakage.

The proper care for the hair

You can do the hair something especially Good: Before the high stick or a cure or mask tie incorporate. The moves by the heat of the sun particularly well to the Depths of the hair. A hair mask with argan oil nourishes the hair intensively and makes for more Shine.

Especially practical: “there are Now so-called Leave-In products, in which the Rinsing is eliminated,” explains the Berlin Star hairdresser. A Leave-In Conditioner can easily be mixed into wet hair sprayed. As a result, the Detangling is much easier and the hair is effectively cared for.

The summer Haarpfleeg starts with the cleaning. “Here, you should use a Shampoo with moisturizing ingredients,” says Laraia.

This shampoo with hyaluronic acid include, for example,. As for the skin, makes hyaluronic acid for the moisture storage to be filled up.

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