Product recall net: plastic parts in the fish fillet

The “SeaGold Schlemmer-filet à la Italia" the pick pack Seafoods GmbH, available from net, you will be called back.

The company informed that it could not be excluded that in individual packs of the Schlemmer fillets, white plastic parts find.

The article was nationwide sold in the branches of Netto Marken-discounter.

Product already taken from the sale

The pick pack Seafoods GmbH and net the may with plastics contaminated SeaGold Schlemmer-filet à la Italy in the 400 g package already from the sale.

Affected is the product with the batch number L9338 and the date of minimum durability 12.2020.

Both of these are on the narrow side of the fish fillet-packaging.

Other lot numbers or other of minimum durability data, as well as other “SeaGold”products are not affected.

Serious health hazard due to plastic parts

It is strongly advised not to consume the product.

Plastic shards can cause serious injuries in the mouth and throat, as well as to cause internal injuries or bleeding, and thus represent a significant health risk.

Customers who have purchased the appropriate product, receive, against presentation of the packaging or of the corresponding receipts nationwide in the branches of Netto Marken-Discount will refund the purchase price.


  • Recall: plastic parts manufacturer is calling back “SeaGold Schlemmer-filet à la Italia” via Netto Marken-Discount

Larissa Bright Mouth

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