Pot Secret: platform brings food inspection reports into the network

Cristina falls Chatzopoulos from the clouds.

To know “beautiful”, the woman says surprised, which operates the Stuttgart-based cult-Snack “Udo Snack” with her husband and father-in-law.

So far it was unknown that the result of the food that is to be read control for your Burger-Shop in the Internet.

Your Local is one of the very few, for one or more of the applicant, reports of the food receiving control, which then were also made to the network. The controversial Online platform “pot Secret” has helped you.

Platform creates transparency

Nationwide has been since the beginning of 2019 on the Basis of the “pot Secret” of almost 41.000 time, the insight into control results of food of any kind operated submitted to the competent authorities.

This number is called the consumer protection organization Foodwatch, which operates the platform, together with the Portal for freedom of information, “ask the state”.

On a result, the Interested will have to wait, however, before several months.

“Pot Secret” is not just for secrecy for what is to come in Restaurants in the pot.

“It’s about transparency in Hygiene, not only in Restaurants but also in shops, petrol stations, bakeries, butcheries, super-markets – in short, all businesses dealing with food,” explains Dario Sarmadi of food watch.

Family Chatzopoulos has not been harmed by the disclosure of the test results. Neither in the case of a routine control in the case of a suspicion of control, the control found your 2019 defects, such as the public policy office in Stuttgart informed information-seeking citizens.

Just a note to a Cheeseburger was granted. Chatzopoulos remembers that in the past year, inspectors were there. For them, the authorities are the Ghost of representatives, have no fright.

“We lead our restaurant as we would also like to think that if we went there,” she explains, her recipe for a gastronomy go operation.

Your in-laws means father Christos Chatzopoulos, leads the Local with the son of Ioannis, you have nothing to hide. “We just try to give our Best.”

So far, the control authorities in Germany, according to food watch only in exceptional cases, to the public, as it is the cleanliness in the Operated ordered.

For years, every fourth controlled operation will be rejected, mostly because of hygiene deficiencies. Recent lower Numbers are a result of changes in detection methods, said food watch.

Food watch looks to be in the right

The Association feels confirmed by a decision of the administrative court (VGH) of Baden-Württemberg from last December.

Speaker Sarmadi: “The judges dissect in it in all clarity to the arguments, which leads to the Gastro-Lobby against ‘pot Secret’ into field.”

The VGH in Mannheim was chosen as the first Supreme court in favor of the consumer. Thus, you can demand information about food legal controls in the companies and of the competent Bodies the reports get sent.

The consumer information act, the ceiling of the official Transmission of reports. It is immaterial that a private person will be supported in the application by “pot Secret”.

The German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) is the judge mad. “We fear that companies are forever branded on the Internet in the pillory, and small claims cases are exaggerated,” says Executive managing Director, Ingrid Hartges.

The authorities were also obliged anyway, in the case of significant hygienic shortcomings, and if a fine of 350 euros threatening to publish this on public websites.

After six months, the information is not clear, however, according to the law, again.

“We do not pose hygiene sinners, our members are instructed on proper food supplies,” stressed the lawyer.

But: “The measures must give the operators the Chance your reputation by elimination of shortcomings to regain.”

Assessments are snapshots of be. It could be that the control date about the chef of a restaurant have changed.

Hartges: “You can’t make always the same that the company systematically botch.”

Consumer advocates praise the Portal

From the point of view of the consumer Central Federal Association of the VGH decision, however, is a sign that citizens have a right to government information about food safety.

“It also makes clear that an Internet publication is for the purpose of the consumer information act, to make the market more transparent and to strengthen consumer protection,” says the Secretary for food Jutta Jaschke.

The “pot Secret”campaign is a good approach to enforce clear rules for the control of foodstuffs in Germany. Thus, a uniform schedule of fines is missing.

And control should your fear due to a lack of clarity of the legal situation in the case of publications of their results claims for compensation of damage.

The Dehoga in the fight against the “Internet pillory” now on the courts.

It is the highest court had to be resolved, who should make publications from food control report of the statutory requirements for the publication of linked authorities, or in addition, Foodwatch with permanently visible information.

According to different case law at the level of the administrative courts, the Federal constitutional court or the Federal administrative court had to clarify the controversial matter finally.

Consumer representative Jaschke refers, however, to the fact that a publication of good results as the “Udo Snack” be Operated to the advantage, and more customers could bring.

“We must not Good to punish, by letting the Bad with everything.”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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