Of due to a Manager or a craftsman? What are the occupational group most frequently has Sex

Prejudice the topic of Sex a lot – also in the question of which profession are most groups in this respect, the active.

Lelo UK, the British offshoot of the Swedish manufacturer of sex toy, wanted to know which Profession brings the best chances for a colorful sex life with it.

For 2,000 men and women from various industries were interviewed.

And the survey has brought unexpected results. After all, who thinks, successful Bankers, firemen, and tradesmen had their noses in front, you are wrong.

Farmers have the most Sex

“Farmer seeks wife” is an absolute TV-duration burner, in the case of the farmers, for the love of looking. But as the survey shows that farmers in the UK not that long ago looking for – they are the professional group that has the most Sex.

33 percent of the surveyed farmers indicated that they usually have at least once a day Sex for you to lead the list.

The farmers are not only in the quantity front, but also the quality is not bad. 67 percent of the agricultural experts referred to in the bed self-consciously as “incredibly well”.

These Jobs seem to provide a lot of Sex

But not only the farmers have a successful sex life, even in the case of other occupational groups, it crackles often between the sheets.

Architects and hairdressers were also on the podium. 21 percent of architects and 17 percent of the hairdressers said to have Sex every day.

Particularly difficult to satisfy by the way are lawyers and lawyers: 27 percent regularly fake orgasms, you attained a less-desirable top spot.

The least Sex journalists have, therefore, since 20 percent said to come only once in a month to train.

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