Kayla Itsines Just Posted A New Baby Bump Photo—And Says Her Workouts Have Changed

Kayla Itsines announced yesterday that she’s 20 weeks pregnant, surprising her 10 million Instagram fans with the news.

While the first four months of her pregnancy were rough, Kayla told Women’s Health she’s feeling more like herself again. “For the first 16 weeks I had morning sickness, was nauseous, and felt really tired,” Kayla says. “I am feeling much better now though and I am just so happy and excited!”

The BBG and Sweat app queen says she plans to try to stay as active as possible throughout her pregnancy. (Yes, it’s totally safe to exercise while pregnant—provided you check with your doctor first.) Still, she’s definitely starting to make some modifications to her routine. “I’ve increased the amount of low-intensity cardio I’ve been doing and reduced the amount of high-intensity exercise,” she says.

Kayla says she’s still doing #BBGStronger, a program that builds off her original Bikini Body Guide. Both workouts are offered on Kayla’s Sweat app, but BBG workouts are 28-minute high-intensity circuit workouts that utilize minimal equipment, so users can do them pretty much anywhere.

Want a preview? Try this total-body workout from Kayla:

#BBGStronger also focuses on 28-minute circuits, but includes more pieces of gym equipment, like the leg press, in each workout. #BBGStronger also relies more heavily on weights for each routine.

“I am still doing #BBGstronger, I just stopped doing any jumping or ab exercises that I would deem as excessive right now, apart from side planks,” Kayla says. “When using the machines, I have been going down on my weights from what I was usually doing.”

Kayla’s keeping up her usual walking routine, too (she’s all about that LISS cardio), “while also listening to my body and doing what feels comfortable and right.”

And don’t worry: “I will be uploading my workout videos on Instagram,” she says.

Kayla posted a photo of herself rocking athleisure with her new bump yesterday, and said fans can expect a workout video featuring her new belly shortly. “It’s going to be so different for you ladies to see a different body than you have been used to seeing since 2013 .. but I’m soooo excited to share this with you!” she wrote.

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Thank you SO MUCH everyone for all your amazing comments and support today 😍☺️😁 Tobi and I have had the BEST DAY EVER!! I’m off to bed now, BUT in the morning I’ll be posting a workout video😁 Keep in mind i’m literally HALF WAY (20 weeks pregnant)😱😱. I’ve been active my whole pregnancy and I DO have a bump so just be prepared for that.😁😍 It’s going to be so different for you ladies to see a different body than you have been used to seeing since 2013 .. but I’m soooo excited to share this with you! For now, we need sleep.😂 It’s been a huge day.💛💛 Thank you SO MUCH LADIES!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app #bbg

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So what’s it like for the abs queen to see her body change? Turns out, pretty damn great.

“It just amazes me that my body can make a baby, and I have a profound feeling of pride in what women go through in having children, it’s just incredible,” Kayla says. “I also love the way my body is changing, and think my new little baby bump is so cute, and Tobi loves it!”

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