Just a swap?: What can really be behind a blocked nose

Against a blocked nose during a cold, it helps to drink a lot and the nasal mucosa to keep up with Sprays moist.

The nose should be after about a week, again, explains the ‘New pharmacies Illustrated’ (edition of 15. December 2019).

Runny nose as a side effect

The cold does not go away after this time, come other causes.

For example, dust, Smoke, perfume, or dry air can irritate the mucosa in the nose. Furthermore, it can runny nose as an unwanted side effect of certain drugs occur.

Polyps or deviated septum

The nose remains in the longer term clogged, may also be benign growths, called polyps, to blame.

Further, to prevent a deviated nasal septum or inflamed pharyngeal sheath almonds a free breathing through the nose. Who is not breathing for a long time constantly through the mouth, is a risk that the throat, the larynx or the bronchial area to ignite.

In these cases, the conventional means do not help against a cold. To find the actual causes that should be Concerned, find a doctor.

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