Investigation of the Stiftung Warentest: Why Light products are not automatically better

Most of the Light products can actually save calories. However, this advantage is paid for often by ungesündere fat, Sweet or additives.

This is the result of an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest, the ingredients of the 77 seems to have analysed “light” foods.

What time is easy, light, casual, or reduced worth

With low-fat meatballs, Salami, cheese or half-fat margarine testers, without compromises calories, according to the Were save.

Also, reduced-sugar food are worth it occasionally, such as in the case of cereals. Replace part of the sugar with whole grain oatmeal provides complex carbohydrates and valuable ballast substances.

Half of the salad dressing-Light versions contain less fat than the Original, but more sugar. In addition, valuable rapeseed oil has been reduced.

It would be better to mix from rapeseed, Linseed or olive oil for a Vinaigrette.

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Not all Light products help you lose weight

Light versions of cream fraîche save calories, but, to get a creamy consistency, it can be expected with modified starch and gelatin. Less fat to grab an additive-free sour cream or sour cream to.

Who replaces whipped cream with creams for cooking, saves also calories, but it bought with palm fat contains a lot of saturated fatty acids.

To cook with normal cream, and to replace a portion of milk, saves on a natural way fat.

Tip of the tester: Some of the Light products contain unfavorable oils and fats, or a lot of sugar. Therefore, consumers should compare the nutrition facts tables and ingredients directories with those of conventional products.

Who fails with “light” products, however, over the strands, damages the Savings again.

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