In everyday life, applicable: fragrances improve Learning in your sleep

From the effortless Learning during sleep every school child’s dream pretty much.

How nice it would be if you grab the Textbook, or tasks folder, easy to overnight under the pillow and the next day all of the content could remember.

Smells can increase the learning success

Quite so simple it does not work unfortunately, however, has long been known that smells can increase during learning and later, while sleeping, the success of learning.

This so far only in the Sleep laboratory studies carried out have now been recreated by German scientists and the Ergebnisseim ‘Scientific Reports’ of the Nature group, published.

It showed A learning effect can actually be achieved very simply – in your own four walls.

Scent stimulus in Learning, and in the night

Within the study, the researchers carried out with 54 students from two sixth classes in several of the experiments.

The children were first asked, rose fragrance sticks during the learning of English vocabulary on the Desk, as well as to place while sleeping next to the bed.

In the next step, the rods were placed in addition, while the vocabulary test on the school table. The next day an English test followed.

Significantly improved success in learning is measurable

These results were compared with the test results of the control group during one or more phases, no Incense use was allowed.

The results clearly show that, With the scent appeal of the students remembered significantly better on the trained words.

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“The students showed a significantly greater success in learning, if the smell sticks, both during learning as well as the sleep phase were used,” explains study leader Dr. Jürgen grain Meier of the Department of psychiatry and psychotherapy, University medical centre Freiburg, said in a statement.

Learning boost at home

“Particularly impressive was that the scent has also, if he’s up all night is available. This makes the findings for everyday use.”

Previous studies had assumed that the smell may only be in place during a particularly sensitive phase of sleep available.

Since this stage of sleep can only be determined by a complex measurement of the brain activity in the sleep laboratory by means of an electroencephalogram, was not the knowledge so far in everyday life to implement.

“We were able to show that the supportive effect of fragrances in everyday use very reliable and specifically used for work can be,” says Korn Meier.

“We can facilitate Learning in your sleep actually.”


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Cornelia Bertram

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