Honesty in the relationship: How many couples have secrets from each other?

Every relationship builds on important human values, thanks to which the partners meet at eye level and able to love.

In addition to the purely sexual physical attraction, it is especially the inner values that matter in a love relationship.

Trust and honesty

As a recent study of Parship at around 1,000 respondents shows, especially the full gegenseitge trust for a happy life together is essential – for each of the second respondents, this is the most important aspect.

Similar to far above in the course: honesty. For almost a quarter of a sincere to each other provides the Foundation of the relationship. Women (29 percent) place more value on this aspect than men (20 percent).

A minimum of a secret

Although many of the respondents were in favour of honesty, two thirds of the study participants, to hide at least one thing in front of your Partner.

Especially the 18 – to 29-year-old share all the secrets with the loved one – 77 percent concealment at least one thing.

In the 50 to 65-year-olds, not 61 percent, just a lot less people who do not give every little thing out of your life price.

Nevertheless, there are also people who put on complete honesty. After All, 34 Percent. Especially the women (38 percent), concealment of your loved one often no Details.

Men are already closed. Only 30 percent would reveal your partner’s every secret.

A few Details remain secret

Intimate secrets, especially concealed – especially when it comes to foreign flirts. 23 per cent would keep such an infatuation for.

The flirting is serious and it comes to an affair or a fling, learns this the Partner as well little. Only 22 percent would be in this case, so honest and would stand by their misconduct.

Interesting: it’s other problems such as a criminal record (five percent) or unemployment (two percent) of the respondents are open to.

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Honesty wards off the longest

“Honesty is an essential cornerstone for a long-term and happy relationship,” says Parship psychologist and couple consultant Markus Ernst in a press release.

“Of course you want to please the Partner and presents itself in a better light. Here, however, caution is necessary: From an initially small sting can develop into a complicated web of lies, which is increasingly harder to break the relationship of trust in a relationship can be hugely damaging.“

Cornelia Bertram

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