Healthy Snack: these three Snacks Meghan Markle lean

As the wife of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is always on the go a lot. Even before her relationship with Prince Harry, as the American was still as an actress regularly in front of the camera, was the travel an integral part of your everyday life.

In this jet-set life, it is hard, regular, and healthy meals to be observed. But a stop at a Fast Food Restaurant for the Duchess Meghan is not out of the question.

On her Lifestyle Blog ‘The Tig’, you no longer operates, in the meantime, said Meghan Markle Details about your eating habits, even led a diary of your meals and explained that she relies mostly on a vegan diet.

And also their healthy snack alternative, it has always been, if you get on-the-go Hunger, held them there.

1. Hummus and vegetables

Meghan Markle satisfy the small Hunger with Hummus and vegetable sticks. Carrots, celery and cucumbers are, according to the magazine ‘The New Potato’ of your favorite vegetables.

This she dips in the Hummus that makes due to its high protein content, long tired of.

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2. Apples and Butter

The Duchess gets a craving for something Sweet, she grabs columns to Apple, and with shell, which you eat with Almond butter.

A pinch of sea salt gives the Snack that certain Something. The pectin in the Apple peel, is a soluble dietary fiber that helps the sick, the Almond butter is also rich in vegetable protein.

The combination of both saturates and hunger attacks helps prevent hot.

3. Protein bars

If it needs to go very quickly and no time to Prepare the remains, engages Meghan bars to Protein. Your preferred brand is ‘Lärabar’, the taste in the direction of ‘Apple Pie’ has done her very.

The latch consists of only six ingredients and contains no added sugars or preservatives. Energy supply dates, Apples and raisins; for filling protein and healthy fats, almonds and walnuts provide.

A pinch of cinnamon rounds out the flavor.

The Snacks of the Duchess to prove that she knows this place very well with a healthy diet and know exactly what you can do something Good for your body, if you get in-between Hunger.

The Snacks are not only figure-friendly, but also rich in vitamins and nutrients.

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