Gender stereotype disproved: sweat men more than women?

Men sweat more than women is a stereotype of a known Gender.

However, a study by the Australian School of Medicine of the University of Wollongong now shows: How much you sweat, does not depend on gender, but from the body size.

Women can produce, therefore, the same amount of sweat as men.

Sweating cools the body

To be able to the result of the study into perspective, it is important to know the mechanisms of the body cool at all.

To do this, he uses two ways: one is sweating, the blood circulation to the skin surface is radiated by which the heat on the skin.

Great people to sweat more

In the context of their study, the scientists around Nigel A. S. Taylor, examined 60 students, 35 were men and 24 women.

All subjects were at a similar fitness level and health condition, alone the body size differed significantly.

After the subjects were exposed to a strong heat, it became clear: The smaller participants gave the body heat through the skin, the large, sweating heavily – both men and women.

The reason for this is that Smaller people have more surface area per kilogram of body mass. That is why it is easier for you increased blood circulation to cool down.

Thus, Taylor may, according to the gender for the differences that take place during Cooling of the human body can be made to less than five percent responsible.


  • Nigel A. S. Taylor et. al.: Variations in body morphology explain gender differences in thermal effector function during compensable heat stress; archived from the original on 23.06.2020:

Katharina Klein

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