Fit in everyday life: With these 5 tips you take daily

Who does not know it? So many intentions, so little achieved. Before work go for a jog or to do without sweets – we keep a couple of days and then the everyday life in between that can be so bad with our plans agree to come to us again and again quickly. We make a few exception, because we did not make it in the morning out of bed, or in the supermarket has become weak, and the Chips bag simply can not resist, is eating then the bad Conscience to us.

Small changes to high goals

Often, this bad Conscience ends in the setting: If I didn’t make it this Time, I can get it to actually stay. However, this resentment add, you should reconsider a lot more of his intentions. You don’t set your goals so high that you can reach them barely and after a short time fail. Start in the Small and try to integrate habits into your daily life, not to scare you, but to help overall fit and feel.

Fit in daily life – tip #1: take the stairs instead of the Elevator

Who’s coming with heavy bags of shopping home, and on the sixth floor lives, would not like to forego the Elevator – understandable. But: What if we take the train or take the train – on the left of the escalator, to the right of the normal staircase – which of the two ways, you to control? You make this decision aware of in the future and try to take instead for the sake of convenience, the escalator, choose the stairs. Finally, the effort that you feel after only a short period of time. And although the change seems to be small – who decide for the stairs instead of the Elevator or escalator, has integrated without any great circumstance a little more movement in his everyday life.

Fit in daily life – tip #2 water bottle have

In the meantime, we know how important it is to drink a lot of water. We do not, is restricted our ability to concentrate, our skin dries out faster, we get a headache and feel tired. It is, therefore, not only for our General health, better to drink a lot, but also for our immediate well-being. Unfortunately, we forget to Drink in the everyday life often are engrossed in our work or on the go, and not think simply to drink a glass of water.

The solution is obvious: to Create a water bottle that you can refill again and again. Who has on his Desk is constantly a padded bottle, engages automatically and not just when he feels thirst. Take the bottle with you, even if you are on the go. If you are suddenly thirsty, you do not need to go to the next supermarket and be distracted from soft drinks – do you have your water already. (Here we present the most beautiful models that you can not only use in Sport)

Fit in daily life – tip #3: lunch pre-cooking

If the lunch break is too short to go to some Real food, or in the vicinity of the workstation no Local with healthy food, it is often to Alternatives, the saturate is neither correct, nor really healthy. To escape a pretzel in the Hand, a piece of cake, or Schnitzel with French fries from the cafeteria next door to this Dilemma in the future, we recommend very simple: pre-cooking!

This need not always be associated with great time – prepare in the future, simply double the portions and you fill one half in a tin can, put in the refrigerator overnight and before work only in your bag to pack. So let your lunch breaks in the future, no longer of irrational Hunger, but can enjoy your Packed lunch stress-free. This not only saves money and time, but also packaging waste, which is unavoidable, if you get something “to go”.

Tip: Bulgur salad is not only quick and easy to prepare – he is also healthy and easy to take and eat. You mix some Bulgur with your favorite vegetables, some olive oil and spices and you have lunch prepared for the next day.

Fit in daily life – tip #4 emergency-Ration with healthy Snacks

Whether it is the Look of the new Netflix series, shortly after a meal or just a snack – sometimes the insatiable Desire creeps up for something Sweet and no matter how you try to distract yourself, it subsides. Often a delicious tea or a large glass of water helps in these situations but – hot-hunger is often confused with thirst. (More tips in the case of the munchies, you can find here)

If that doesn’t help, we recommend healthy Snacks, how to mix fruit with a little yogurt and skimmed quark, unprocessed to crack nuts or eat a piece of dark chocolate. The most Important thing, however, is that they are prepared for such cases, and a small emergency Ration with healthy Snacks you have created. (More tips for low-calorie Snacks you can find here)

Fit in daily life – tip#5: detours allow!

You will need to do some errands and need a few things from the supermarket? If there are ways that you could run on foot: do not use in the future on the train and leave the car. Check not already at home, as the fastest way to get from A to B, but allow for detours! Get out one stop earlier from the train and take the slightly longer way home or do you still run a lap through the Park before sitting back on the Couch.

After some exercise and fresh air you will feel better and have automatically integrates more movement into your everyday life. Especially when you remain the day at their Desk or in the same Position, thank the body for a little variety.

This article was written by (Angelika Watta)

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