Feeling fatigued after an intense workout session? Give this exercise a try

Since LISS is easier to do and gentler on the body, it is appropriate for beginners.

Are you looking for a break from those high-intensity workout sessions that end up leaving you feeling fatigued — both mentally and physically? Then all you need to do is give LISS workouts a try. Though they have always been a part of the fitness regimen around the world, it is only recently that the focus has shifted to Low-Intensity Steady State — a type of cardio — that can involve anything from walking or jogging to cycling or swimming. It is also known as low-intensity exercise, steady-state training, continuous cardiovascular exercise or long slow distance (LSD) training.

LISS, which typically lasts any time between 45-60 minutes, helps burn fat, increases blood flow and improves overall endurance. Compared to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), that focuses on quick bursts of high-intensity cardio followed by a rest period, LISS involves longer sessions of low-intensity exercise.

Also, according to a 2014 study, continuous aerobic exercise is more effective than HIIT at improving fat distribution. However, many proponents swear by HIIT and say LISS becomes more effective after HIIT workouts as it helps to burn hard-to-burn fat, especially in the adipose tissue.

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Here are some benefits of LISS you must know about

1. Since LISS is easier to do and gentler on the body, it is appropriate for beginners. Intermediate to advanced fitness level practitioners often use it as part of an endurance training program.

2. It is believed to be an effective way to train for endurance events, as exercising at a lower intensity for a long period of time puts less stress on the heart and lungs.

3. It is an ideal exercise for women experiencing a period, and looking to do exercises that are not intensive.

4. LISS is also beneficial for recovery after a difficult workout. After a day of a high-intensity workout, you can also use LISS.

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You can walk on the treadmill at a steady pace for around 30 minutes of 45 minutes, or low-paced cycling and slow jogging.

To make LISS effective, it needs to be incorporated into a balanced schedule that includes diet and regular exercise.

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