Exclusive survey: unhealthy German food in the holiday season

Christmas enjoyment time. Whether at the Christmas market, the corporate party or the night before Christmas: a Daily Advent offers plenty of opportunities to Feast.

For many, the sweet and savory sins are an integral part of the Christmas season. "Treat instead of Verzichten" is the Motto of most of the German.

A third feed in the Christmas season, significantly more unhealthy than in normal everyday life.

The results of a respräsentativern survey of Splendid Research, which has examined in the order of FIT FOR FUN sports and nutrition behavior of 609 people between the ages of 18 and 69 years in the Advent.

Disclaimer: be Less strict with the carbs

29 percent of the survey participants in December, exceptions to the conscious renunciation of sugar and Kohenhydrate.

No wonder, because for about three-quarters of a cookie and cookies are definitely for the Advent part of it. The most popular biscuits is biscuits.

Less pleasure the Germans seem to have when baking. Just half of respondents to bake cookies themselves. Striking: With increasing age, the pleasure in the jaw drops, while among the younger themselves, the majority of participants like to start the Stoves at home.

In the second place of the most popular Christmas delicacies, mulled wine stands. Even though you consciously forego the use of alcohol, 18 percent of the respondents for the spicy-sweet Drink is an exception.

Even vegetarians and Vegans loosen in the Advent your diet reins Around a quarter to consume animal products. Also, the Christmas dinner is at 87 percent of the traditionally meat-heavy.

Younger treat yourself to more

Just like cookies in the Advent for the German Christmas markets. An average of two visits to the respondents.

Younger Respondents and those with higher incomes pay the markets more often visits.

Also the front of the Younger ones in terms of bad eating habits.

In each case, around 40 percent, to eat around Christmas more and describe the food as significantly more unhealthy than in normal everyday life.

In the gallery: these are the biggest calorie bombs in the Christmas season

Sporting discipline in the Christmas season

Despite the feasting, it seems to be a lack of the German sporting discipline. Three-quarters of the respondents say that your usual sports routine to maintain. For 55 percent, this means that at least one training session per week.

In addition, a quarter of themselves to talk to the participants to integrate in the holidays, Workouts and Gym Sessions.

As a Motivation you nennnen the good feeling that comes from playing sports.

Laura Hindelang

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