Effective Training: These kinds of sports to strengthen the pelvic floor

In many everyday movements of the pelvic floor will be charged when Sneezing or jumping, for example. In the normal case, nothing happens only once.

The pelvic floor is weakened, but the load is too strong, it can lead to a so-called stress incontinence.

Especially women are affected. Some lose only a drop of urine, and others can make their daily deposits best.

How can you prevent so far? “You can train the pelvic floor. However, you must keep in mind some of it,” says Prof. Daniela Schultz-Lampel, Director of the continence center southwest at the hospital Schwarzwald-Baar.

Jogging, or Volleyball are less suitable

So the sports that strain the pelvic floor, of all things, less well. To do this, jump on the trampoline, Jogging, Volleyball, and Floor exercise include, for example,.

“Who impacted the Sport with his pelvic floor regularly strong, you can weaken him thus,” stresses Schultz-Lampel, who is also a member of the expert Council of the German continence society.

Physical therapist Almut Köwing, also a member of the expert Council, explains: “New studies show that the controlled Straining of the pelvic floor when you Jump is really not that bad as previously thought.

Therefore, it is now part of the functional training of the pelvic floor.” But we need a professional guidance and a good body feeling.

Tonic sports that do not overload

Better, therefore, is: Who already had problems with incontinence or risk factors such as weak connective tissue, Obesity, and Smoking is not compromised, better safe sports.

This includes, for example, walking, Cycling and Swimming count. Also yoga and Pilates to strengthen the pelvic floor, without overloading him.

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