Eat healthy: vegetables remain

With vitamins and other nutrients in food, there is such a thing: you are valuable, but highly sensitive. The wrong preparation can be dangerous.

Example cooking: you should not overdo it. Because water-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin C, go for example into the cooking water, which is not dumped is rarely later.

Which by the way is a mistake. “The nutrient of the cooking water-rich such as vegetables is excellent for a sauce,” says Harald Seitz from the Federal center for nutrition.

In addition to the water-soluble, there are also so-called fat-soluble vitamins – vitamins A, D, E and K. they are detached by the Heating of food and are in combination with fat for the human body usable.

It’s all a question of the variety

Which method of preparation is the right thing to do, in the case of vegetables, for example? Should you have to heat it at all?

“That depends on the respective vegetable variety” says the Freiburg-based Food journalist Dagmar von Cramm.

In the case of carrots, for example, one can hardly do anything wrong: Raw carrots contain more Vitamin C and fiber. In cooked carrots, the Beta is for carotene, which is responsible for the orange color, and is for the body to better available than raw carrots.

However, you should know that cooked carrots have a higher glycemic Index than raw carrots, and therefore the blood sugar level faster in trade.

“Tomatoes are cooked, even healthier than raw,” says von Cramm. And other vegetables – many varieties of Cabbage and legumes, for example – are always in the cooking pot, before they are edible. “Green beans need to be at least ten minutes to be boiled,” says Margret Morlo by the Association for nutrition and dietetics (VFED).

During the cooking of vegetables is always: as much as Possible in a little liquid, braising or steaming. In these cooking methods, the losses of vitamins and minerals low. “Ideally cooked vegetables and al dente,” says Seitz.

The bowl stay tuned

Fruit, there are often raw – also as preparation to face up to questions. Should you peel an Apple, for example? “Best not,” says von Cramm.

Just because the shell is full of fiber, which the digestive system of Eating strengths. Also many vitamins are contained in the dish. Which is not to say, however, that a brings older Apple nothing more.

Is the fruit no matter what variety – cooked, or cooked, reduce the vitamins. “Up to 40 percent of the Vitamin C and beta-carotene content is lost,” said Morlo.

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Fast or gentle cooking

And how the nutrients in other foods to stay? Can finally be healthy.

“Because fish are one of the connective tissue poor food, to provide for the protection of the valuable nutrients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, gentle cooking methods,” explains Morlo.

A choice of garziehen in hot, not boiling water, steaming or stewing, depending on the fish.

In meat, nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc and vitamins stuck, for example. Cooking is a Must here. “In the raw state, animal products such as chicken or meat with disease-causing germs can be fraught,” explains Morlo.

So off with the meat in the pot, in the pan or on the Grill – but for the protection of the nutrients not too long. First of all, the meat should be aged at high heat quickly, and then at lower temperatures, ready to be cooked.

Also rice has vitamins

In potatoes and also noodles or rice – many of the B vitamins, of which the skin, nerves and metabolism benefit. When cooking rice, these vitamins can be excreted into the water. “Therefore, you should measure the liquid in the cooking pot so that the rice absorbs it completely,” says von Cramm.

This doesn’t work when cooking pasta. The cooking water but great for sauce. In the case of potato water, however, applies: “In the sink,” said Seitz. Because the tubers contained plants poison solanine is water soluble and heat stable.

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