Coronavirus: Possible side effects of mRNA vaccines is still unclear

In the race for so-called mRNA-vaccines against the Coronavirus, there is currently little information about possible side effects.

Since there is still no licensed mRNA vaccine for humans, the question side effects one of the most important, which will now be clarified with the ongoing clinical trials, it was said by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI), which is, among other things, for the authorization of medicinal products are responsible.

That people may experience after vaccination transient side effects, was in General normal, said the Director of research of the Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (VFA), Siegfried Throm. “Vaccines train the body, marriage a real pathogen penetration.”

This would be injected in the conventional vaccines, small quantities of pathogen in the best interests or attenuated virus, or oral polio vaccine administered.

The body attempts to repel the invaders. For many people, the actually desired immune response caused the symptoms.

Impfkomplikationen occur, these are reported to the PEI. The most recently collected data from the year 2018, according to 3570 suspected. In 1070, it was serious complications.

The VFA expected in 2018, with approximately 50 million vaccines in total. According to this information, a serious side effect would be to nearly 50 000 vaccinations.

Everyone’s body reacts to the Vaccination otherwise

Among the more than 11 000 PEI reported adverse reactions the most common adverse event was a local reaction, followed fever and headache followed.

The number exceeds the number of suspected cases, because there are several adverse reactions/symptoms can be reported to a case.

A so-called Phase 1 study with mRNA vaccine is currently carried out approximately at the tübingen-based company Curevac. mRNA is a type of messenger molecule, in which the Instructions for the production of proteins is.

For your vaccine Curevac have provided researchers mRNA with the Instruction for a Protein of the envelope of the Coronavirus.

After a vaccination, the human cells produce this Protein. The body recognizes it as foreign and begins to make antibodies as well as antibodies against it.

On mRNA, the developers at Corona, because not, as is otherwise the viruses for the preparation of the vaccine are needed, but only their genetic Information. To allow the vaccines in unprecedented speed.

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