Contact tracing: Corona-App works in spite of error message

Within two weeks of the Corona-Warning App has been downloaded by 12 million people, is a great success. However, error free and it works – still – not anywhere.

Especially, an error message is likely to have many users in recent times irritated: contact messages would not be supported “by “Corona-Warning” in this Region, it may be,” is it on many iPhones.

The functionality of the App was not affected in these cases, however, stress the developer.

The message should confirm the user with “Ok”, the contact investigation continues to functioning normally after.

System Update should bring the solution

Who wants to be sure that the App is not slowed down, can check according to the manufacturers, in the device settings under “privacy”, “Health” and “Covid-19-contact Protocol” Status.

The warning was a bug in Apple’s iOS operating system. The group is already working on a solution that will be playing with the next iOS Update.

Also, the Android App shows error messages

Another error message also relates to Smartphones with the Android operating system. In some cases, it means that the risk calculation was not updated for more than 24 hours. In these cases, the user should ensure that the App is running in the Background and so always can be updated.

Also, individual energy-saving modes of the various manufacturers do not adhere to the guidelines of Android, could slow down the Corona-Warning-App, explain the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have published for these cases is already a solution.

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