Cold time: The biggest error in the use of nasal spray

Signs of a persistent runny nose or the nose is swelled already have all the resources and right-of-way, to remedy the situation. The first handle is usually to the nasal spray.

Start, spray, finished or? Not so fast! A couple of errors in the (Initial)application, are to be avoided.

Before the first use in the air pumps

By the Spraying process, the active ingredient is evenly distributed on the mucous membrane.

Prior to the first application, you should pump a couple of times in the air, explains the ‘apotheken Umschau’. As soon as a uniform spray mist is to be seen is the Spray ready.

On the angle it is

Against the unpleasant taste in the mouth of the container at a 45-degree set angle at the nose hole.

Decongestant Sprays should not be longer than five days at a time in use, otherwise habituation is a risk.

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Thoroughly clean and never share

A partially used bottle is used again after some time, should be cleaned the sprayer with hot water thoroughly.

In families, care must be taken on a clear separation: Each member of the family has his own nose spray.

Lisa Gutknecht, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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