Aubrey Marcus Is Stepping Down as Onnit's CEO

Onnit Founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus is stepping away from his executive role at the health and fitness company, he announced today in an Instagram post.

“I love @onnit. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t consume something Onnit, lift something Onnit, and embody the Onnit spirit of trying to be a little better today than yesterday,” Marcus wrote in the caption of his announcement post. “But to hold the office of CEO for a company of 180 employees requires a cadre of work that I am no longer called to shoulder. It is with great pride, and complete ease that I introduce the new CEO Jason Havey.”

True to form, Marcus provided more details about his departure on his podcast (listen here). He hosted his replacement, Havey, and the two discussed how they came to the new leadership at Onnit.

“The thing that I care most about this company is the heart of it,” Marcus said, praising Havey’s previous work at Onnit. Havey has been with Onnit for five and a half years and was previously the President of Onnit Labs. The new top man shared how he made his way to the company after an ayahuasca journey on the podcast.

The freewheeling conversation covers Marcus and Havey’s respective places at the company, both in the past and now with the new roles going forward. Through their dialogue, it’s clear that Marcus isn’t stepping down from his executive role to totally leave the company. Instead, he’s hoping to represent it in a different manner, while Havey will handle the business responsibilities typically overseen by a traditional CEO.

“Now, I think you’re freed up to help Onnit the most,” Havey says late in the program. “Yeah, I agree,” Marcus replies. “Onnit’s in my blood, it’s in my DNA and it’s in everything that I’ve done and I’ve given the best of my gifts to Onnit as CEO, and so the roles that I’ll be playing now is still in the product development meetings… and then Founder, Chairman, and one of the lead spokespeople who’s out there talking about it in the truthful way that it is, because there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t consume something Onnit, or move something Onnit, or do something Onnit… it’s me. I created this because I wanted all this stuff.”

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