Adam Levine Showed Off One of the Workouts He Uses to Stay Fit at 42

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has been putting in some serious effort when it comes to building his core strength, according to his trainer Austin Pohlen, who just shared a highlight reel from one of the musician’s workouts on Instagram. “We’ve been dialing in a lot of core work and consistently going heavier in weights each week,” he said.

The first exercise being demonstrated by Levine in the video is the split squat bottoms up press, which builds your core and also challenges your shoulders, without requiring you to use heavy weights. Instead of simply loading up weight for this kettlebell-powered version of the shoulder press, Levine holds the bell upside down, forcing his shoulders, elbows and wrists to stack perfectly when he presses the bell upwards. “It’s a great way to clean up shoulder-pressing form,” says MH fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S.

The session also includes a couple of medicine ball exercises, which are a great way to work on explosive power as well as train one of the core’s key functions; rotating the torso. The split stance medball rotational slam develops this function in a fun, explosive way. Supine medball chest throws performed immediately after a dumbbell bench press, meanwhile, help to build pushing power.

The rope trainer challenges Levine’s lat strength and incorporates a cardiovascular element into the workout, while cable lifts are another exercise that Pohlen uses for rotational movement.

The last move in the video is the deadbug, a core-training move which Pohlen says is a staple that he programs into all of his workouts. “You can always make it more difficult by adding weight, reps, or pauses/holds,” he adds. When performed correctly, the deadbug can be an effective ab-training exercise, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of incurring back pain during your core workout.

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