Smooch can make you sick

Of gonorrhea called, apparently, can be transmitted not only through intercourse but also through kissing with tongue. The reports of Australian scientists, as the findings of their study in the journal “Sexually Transmitted Infections”. Gonorrhea is one of the world’s most common sexually transmitted diseases. Awareness campaigns recommend for protection so far, especially the use of condoms.

Each year, health organization (WHO) estimates that the world’s world’s 78 million people with gonorrhea. In Europe there are almost five million. In Germany, only in Saxony, a reporting obligation. The Robert Koch Institute within a period of eight years, registered a doubling of the contagions: of 6.8 infections per 100,000 population in 2003 to 13.7 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011. More recent data are not available.

Blood poisoning and infertility

Is triggered gonorrhea by bacteria of the type Neißeria gonorrhoeae, the gonococcus. They infest the mucous membranes of the urinary tract and sex organs, but also eyes, conjunctiva, and throat. Most of the time it takes after infection for one to three days until first symptoms occur. Men often develop a painful urethritis with a purulent, yellow-greenish vaginal discharge. Also in women, gonorrhea can infect the urinary tract, and from there spread further.

Even if the disease is not normally fatal, it can sometimes cause complications such as blood poisoning and infertility. In addition, the infection increases the risk of HIV Transmission. For some years, the WHO has warned that the gonococcus are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

So far, it is known that gonorrhea can be transmitted via genital and oral sex as well as in the case of a birth. The new study indicates that a contagion threatens even tongue-kissing. The scientists, the epidemiologists, Eric Chow focused on the oropharyngeal gonorrhea, which infects the mouth and throat. This is usually asymptomatic, so first of all, without complaints. As a result, the infection can be passed on without the Knowledge of the Diseased to others.

Increased risk the Kiss with changing partners

In total, the researchers analysed questionnaires of nearly 3100 homo – and bisexual men, the sexual practices were interviewed during the previous three months: Kissing without Sex, Sex without Kissing, and Kissing with Sex. Well six percent of the respondents suffered from gonorrhea in the throat, just under six per cent were infected in the anal area and just under three percent in the urinary tract.

The analysis showed that the risk of a gonorrhoea of the throat for those Kiss-without-the-Sex-men who had four or more partners, was 46 percent higher than those who kiss only one or no man. The participants in the study, the Andean Kissing with Sex verb, and four or more partners had, were even at risk in order to 81 percent more than those who only had one or no Partner.

Mostly young men were affected, because these according to the authors, more kissed than the older participants. How, exactly, the men Smooch with gonorrhea could have, can’t enlighten the study. The role of oral sex, also remains unclear, as this sexual practice was not recorded separately.

Also chlamydia and Syphilis are transferable

Nevertheless, the study pointed to the fact that the significance of the throat-being underestimated-throat-infection of a gonorrhoea: “Our results suggest that Kiss with or without Sex could be a risk factor for oropharyngeal gonorrhea”, the researchers write.

Norbert Brockmeyer, the President of the German society for the promotion of Sexual health, agrees with the results of the study also warns of other risks. The Transferability by Kissing is true not only for gonococci, but also for chlamydia and the causative agent of Syphilis. “Even if it is only kisses, you can catch a sexually transmitted infection,” says the physician.

How can you protect yourself when you Kiss in front of the Transmission of pathogens? In addition, the experts are divided. The Australian researchers suggest in their study that “preventative options could far from help of condoms, such as antibacterial mouth rinses”. Brock Meyer thinks it’s not a good idea. For a gonococcal system would spread in the body, so that a mouth rinse can be useful to nothing. In addition, mouth rinses, changes in the Microbiome of the throat. The expert warns: “The power of the mouth then more susceptible to other pathogens.”

Summarized: Kissing sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted. For chlamydia and Syphilis which is already known for a long time. Now Australian researchers assume that people are Kissing with gonorrhea, better known as gonorrhea, can infect. According to estimates, five million people with gonorrhea are infected each year in Europe. The pathogen is increasingly difficult with antibiotics to combat.