Top 5 best flu protection products

On the eve of the upcoming flu season, it is very important to strengthen the immune system in order to reduce the risk of infection. And here are 5 foods that will help achieve the desired.
Let’s start with the traditional and even a few obvious garlic for many Russians. This product is one of the most effective natural means of combating bacteria and viruses. Our grandmothers were right – garlic reduces the danger of catching a cold or catching the flu because it contains the natural chemical ingredient allicin, which fights bacteria and fungi.
Slightly less effective in this regard is ginger, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. Eating ginger reduces the risk of cold and flu. Drink ginger tea often in the winter season.
Mushrooms should also be included in the diet of a person who would like to reduce the risk of contracting a cold or flu. It is an excellent product for strengthening immunity, because mushrooms are rich in such beneficial components as niacin, selenium, riboflavin, and also the most important vitamin D for health.
Be sure to purchase probiotic yoghurts at the store, since science has already proven to play the role of “good” bacteria in fermented products in enhancing immunity. And the threat of infection depends on the strength of immunity
Well and completes our list of spice called turmeric. Numerous studies have proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and warming effects of spices. Turmeric significantly reduces the chance of getting the flu, so it should be added more often to soups, tea or curry.